Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – September 2021

This month’s newsletter discusses pandemic re-entry anxiety, cholesterol and breathing exercises for anxiety.  

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  September 1, 2021
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Canary Blomstrom Insurance Agency Merges with GoodWorks Financial Group.

Partnership gives customers additional insurance products and expertise; woman-owned Canary Blomstrom will work in tandem with GoodWorks sister company, Wheeler & Taylor. Canary Blomstrom Insurance Agency of Agawam…

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  August 4, 2021
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CDC Updates Guidance, Says Fully Vaccinated Individuals Should Wear Masks in Some Indoor Settings

The CDC recently announced updates to its mask guidelines as an emerging variant of COVID-19 known as Delta spreads across the country. This News Brief explains further.  

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  July 28, 2021
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Understanding the Coronavirus Delta Variant

The United States is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases, specifically in areas with low vaccination rates. A major reason for this spike is an emerging variant known…

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  July 23, 2021
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Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – July 2021

This month’s newsletter discusses the 2021 Dirty Dozen list, summer picnic safety tips and reasons to leave your shoes at the door.  

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  June 30, 2021
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Massachusetts Passes COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Law

Effective June 7, 2021, Massachusetts employers must provide COVID-19 paid sick leave for specified coronavirus-related purposes. Leave is reimbursed by the state. This Legal Update provides further information…

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  June 7, 2021
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Personal Lines inSights – June 2021

This month’s features include picnic safety, swimming pool safety and watching for animals while you drive.

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  June 4, 2021
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Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – June 2021

This month’s newsletter discusses outdoor exercise safety tips, health benefits of gardening and ways to snack  

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  May 26, 2021
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Canary Blomstrom and Wheeler & Taylor Gives Big to Food Bank of Western Mass.

Canary Blomstrom & Wheeler & Taylor Insurance Agencies are providing major support to The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Two rounds of funding, one now and a second…

By: Canary Blomstrom  •  December 22, 2020
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